LED Cinema Display by Apple, OLED prototype by Samsung

In recent weeks we learned that the prices for LCD display devices would start falling by the end of this year. We also got to see some demos of OLED devices, which promise to be the next big step forward in display tech. And just recently Apple decided to go even greener in their campaign to be environmentally friendly by launching the LED Cinema Display.

Well, first the Apple LED Cinema Display. The first thing of note is that it is made for Apple products and specifically for the MacBook line (MacBook Air or MacBook Pro too). So if you are not a user of a MacBook, forget this. This display device comes with a 2.1 speaker system as well as an iSight camera (and microphone). It has a 1000:1 contrast ratio, upto 1920 by 1200 screen resolution and a 14ms response time. So what makes it worth its USD 899 price tag? Well other than what comes standard with pretty much all Apple products (the design, we’re talking about the design) there is only the claim by Apple that this is possibly the most environmentally friendly display yet. For a full list of specifications click here.

As for the OLED displays, many would be familiar with this fairly breakthrough piece of tech by now. They are almost paper thin displays that also have the advantage of being quite elastic and so can conceivably be bent into a wristband for example. In any case, Samsung showcased a 40″ (and as claimed by them the world’s largest) OLED display at a recent event. While not completely perfected yet (white lines are visible) it still managed to impress many people. One of the key reasons being its approximately 8.5mm thickness (or should I say thinness?). In any case, this one’s not ready to be mass produced yet. However we could see 31″ models hitting shops near us as early as next year (late next year).

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