iTunes plug-in TuneUp for Mac

TuneUp is basically an iTunes plug-in for Mac that cleans up music collections by selecting an audio finger print of mislabeled tracks in a user’s library and completing the missing information through cross-reference of Gracenote’s 90 million songs database. 

Primarily TuneUp’s ‘clean up’ function is to eliminate all tracks such as Track_01s, Unknown Artists or Beatles vs. Beatles etc. from user’s iTunes library and substitutes them in the format that record labels intend.


Once a particular track has been recognized, TuneUp locates missing album art cover from the web and duely prompts for verification before intiallizing the ‘clean up’.

And once a user’s iTunes library has been cleaned, TuneUp displays upcoming concerts (according to the region) for every single artist in the collection. 

Not only this, TuneUp fetches related artists’ YouTube videos and Google news. Also it manages to provide Wikipedia bios related to track that is played.

Apart from this, TuneUp’s User-Interface is designed very well. The big recognizable icons that open up functions with very simple instructions get along smoothly. TuneUp loads at the same time when you run iTunes. It hangs just to the right of the iTunes User-Interface giving it a seamless sense.

For a limited time period, a free full-featured version of TuneUp is available for download with 500 cleans and 50 cover art finds. Also, ‘TuneUp Gold’ allows unlimited cleans and cover art and can be bought for a one-time fee of $19.95 or for and annual subscription of $11.95.

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