Google launches Google Toolbar 5 beta for Firefox

January 12, 2009 – 3:54 am | by Steve

Google recently launched Google Toolbar 5 beta for Firefox web browser. Considering the add-ons Google has been providing for the past years, this one will become a must download. And undoubtedly, it remains a great tool for findingdeals on the internet.

Although Google Toolbar 5 beta did not create much of hype during its release, possibly because of the focus on CES ’09 and the launch of Windows 7 public beta, but still Google managed to gain some attention.

Honestly, there are not much significant changes in the new Google Toolbar 5 beta as the Product Finder tool was already there, and also it is variant of the Google Shopping service.

One feature that separates Toolbar 5 beta from the previous edition is the Google Notebook, which works in a robust way and GUI-driven clipboard. In other words, its a great way to manage accumulated data from multiple sites. It will also be of great use for students writing term papers etc.

In a nut-shell, Google Toolbar 5 beta is an efficient add-on for the Firefox and if you still do not have it, it is recommended you get it as soon as possible.


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