Samsung Syncmaster 2233RZ – 3D stereoscopic viewing

For a while in the past 3D glasses or goggles were all the rage with cinema-goers or amusement park visitors promised thrilling life like experience. While the technology was available for this experience to be available for home users as well, there was little support from display makers so that the trend did not catch on as one might expect.


However, recently with a much more demanding consumer market, there has been a flurry of 3D capable displays, not least among which is the Samsung Syncmaster 2233RZ.

The Samsung Syncmaster 2233RZ is a fairly standard widescreen LCD display. It has a maximum resolution of 1680 x 1050 and a response time of 3 ms. But that is not what the Samsung Syncmaster 2233RZ is designed for, in fact, its main selling point is that it has the capability to provide 3D stereoscopic viewing.

Considering Nvidia’s recent campaign to promote 3D viewing (possibly as a method of fighting back against ATI who have been making up ground on them in leaps and bounds), the release of this Samsung Syncmaster 2233RZ display comes at just the right time.

Stereoscopic displays essentially work by producing the same image twice, once for viewing by the right eye and the other for viewing by the left, in the past this was done by having multi-colored glasses or goggles. The technology has been improved so you no longer have to wear those rather embarrassing multi-colored glasses but the concept remains the same. What this means is that monitors like the Samsung Syncmaster 2233RZ have to produce twice as many images as a conventional LCD display, therefore the Samsung Syncmaster 2233RZ has a 120 Hz refresh rate.

Samsung Syncmaster 2233RZ back image

The Samsung Syncmaster 2233RZ has a great asthetical design and supports the VESA mount. Contrast is 20000:1 and the Samsung Syncmaster 2233RZ does extremely well in reproducing scenes that are dark and gloomy. Anther advantage of having an LCD display is that movement, both in games and movies is very smooth and there is no tearing in games even without the 3D stereoscopic goggles.

One of the downsides of the Samsung Syncmaster 2233RZ is that it only has a dual-link DVI input and does not support HDMI. For the gamers, a word of caution, even though the Samsung Syncmaster 2233RZ is officially supported by Nvidia as a 3D gaming monitor for casino online grĂ¡tis (and indeed it carries the GeForce 3D vision ready tag) 3D gaming is only recommended for those who own the GeForce 8800 series or higher.

The Samsung Syncmaster 2233RZ is a touch expensive for those who will not avail the 3D stereoscopic vision, the best bet for them would be to go with a standard LCD display with which they could afford to go to a larger size or better resolution and support for HDMI.

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