Karachi Stock Exchange Pakistan

With CEO Adnan Afridi, Karachi Stock Exchange is Pakistan’s largest stock exchange. It is owned by Karachi Stock Exchange Limited and is located in Karachi, Pakistan.


It is said that Karachi Stock Exchange is the biggest and most liquid stock exchange in Pakistan. This can be proved by the fact that it was declared as the best performing stock market of the world back in year 2002.

However, due to the recent situation, which is a result of events over the past years, Karachi Stock Exchange has experienced a big downturn. Global financial crises has also affected KSE performance a lot. So much so, that trading remained suspended for 4 months in the year 2008.
On the other hand, foreign buying interest had been very active in KSE. This was mainly due to the elections that took place and stocks were expected to remain cold. But KSE reached a 15000 point mark.

In all, KSE works on an electronic quote system. Therefore stock quotes are even available online. And now you can trade in Karachi Stock Exchange simply through web.

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  1. I had the privilege of growing up in Karachi, then going back to live there. The most warm hearted, courteous, hospitable people live there. You can only appreciate it when you leave it. Karachi taught us not to take the basic necessities of life for granted. Something the West is also now realising…they have power cuts in Louisiana USA, people have generators in their homes as it is a regular feature here when the hurricanes come to be without electricity and water. Karachi is a city of culture and with all it’s problems I still believe, its the best city in the world.

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