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December 15, 2009 – 1:00 am | by Sana

Google is providing the searching service on internet since 1998; with the ever increasing number of users, Google has started providing various facilities and services to its users, like Google mail, Google earth, Google scholar and the list goes on. One such service that Google provide to its users is Google trend.


Google trend provides the total search volume of a term searched across many countries and different languages. The result of trend search is shown in graphical form, the ups and down of the results are shown over time period starting form the year 2004. The graph that Google trend provides is quite accurate but due to the use of some approximations involved in the result, Google do not recommend to use the results of it in some academic stuff.

The Google trend website can literally be divided into three parts. The search Part, the Hot topics part and Hot searches Part. The search part provides the trend result of the term or terms entered for search, maximum of five terms can be searched in trend results, or we can say that five terms can be compared at a time. The second part that is Hot topics, this include a list of the popular words that are currently used most in the feeds, news and other messaging services, according to google, Hot topics are updated on a regular bases.

The last part is the Hot searches list; normally this part contains those words that are searched mostly. Hot search is updated on hourly basis. Google trend is also available on regional basis too, like the Google trends Uk which is specific to the search trends of the users of United Kingdom. According to the latest news on Google trend blog, now the trend search also provides the results with the indexing numbers thus making it even more specific and accurate.


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