Heavy Rain Video Game Review

Heavy Rain is one of the finest video games published by Sony Entertainment Company. It is not a racing game, not even a fighting game but in fact it is a Hollywood thriller filled with some emotions and romance.It is a first play station game of this kind and there are several comments and reviews are coming from the customers. It is gaining much hype before the release, so what will it do after the release. The characters are designed by a sentimental developer and he put all his creativity into the character. This game is a revolution in the world of PS 3 games and this is the time when most game developers will think of this idea to make video games like this.


It is a story of an architect who lives with his happy family but his life became hell after the kidnapping of his son. The wife of this unlucky person leaves him and he wandered here and there in search of the culprit. The graphics and sound quality of the game is exceptionally good and it is just like watching a thriller movie with detailed creativity. The whole video game revolves around the four main characters which have different traits and strengths. The Heavy Rain is made by considering 90 actors and 65 scenes 9 from the original movie which is the strongest trait of this game. The interest of the users will elevate as the game progresses.

The game is about to released and the developers are just giving their final touch to it. Of course this is one of the top games ever released and every body out there will like it. This is just a beginning of these kinds of games and there is lot more to come. There are several websites who continuously contacting the company about the release date but they have to wait for the best.

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