Demon’s Souls Video Game For Play Station (PS3)

January 4, 2010 – 1:00 am | by Sana

Demon’s Souls is a story of terrible king who is hungry of power and he used to control the souls and keep them in prison for his personal use. He used to reserve the soul’s power for his vast kingdom named Boletari. When Boletari grew most powerful, a thick layer of fog spreads over the whole city which in further converts into the darkness all over. With the help of powerful souls the culprit king awakened an ancient God and this is the time when real adventure starts between both the powerful creatures. The people all over try to leave the city but the powerful souls can not let them to leave the city.


The game is completely based on European theme, from accent of characters to environment. The graphics and sound quality is extremely good, especially the silence is really thrilling during the mid of game. One can edit the gender, face, or one can customize the body too. One can also choose their own character class depending on their choice. One can play a trailer in the game so that one can become used to the buttons and all the controls which are used for fighting with boss. The game is quite easy to play but it is really difficult to become master in this game. There are different types of hard stages which one can clear only with great practice.

The boss in Demon’s Souls is perfectly designed and moreover the fights with bosses are really effective. The gesture and structure of king is amazingly creative and there is great mind behind this out of the world creativity. So, Demon’s Souls is not everyone’s game as it needs lots of time, ambition and patience to clear the all stages of game. There is lot more to play in the game and one will definitely enjoy the awesome graphics and creatures in the game.


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