Download Picasa Web Albums | Picasa Images

Picasa is a superb facility available for anyone who want to  customize, upload, organize and share images. Picasa web album can be established by user so that he is able to use the photograph and images into his blog or website. User has to Download Picasa software so that he is easily uploaded and manages the Photos and image in the Picasa web.

If you want to upload the photos into Picasa album then first go to import room where you can save pictures which you want to use. You can save the picture date wise ;this feature will helpful for you when you want to sort out the picture for sharing or other purpose. Once you save the photos into your Picasa web album than later on you can share it with your friend and family. Additionally the facility of editing is also available through which you may set the photo size, shapes etc beyond the specific standard.


Google picasa is exclusive service of Google for the user who want to upload ,organize, edit their photographs .By the  means of Google Picasa user is better able to upload his beautiful photograph from his PC to the Google web images. Latest version of Google Picasa like Picasa 3.0 or   Picasa 3.6 can be obtained directly from the Google website. When your Picasa Download is complete in to your personal computer then you may open the software and start using it for your required purpose.


Picasa collaborative album is a unique facility that facilitates different people to add their pictures and images to the same album. Now user can upload his picture to his/her friend album quite easily after downloading the Picasa software from the Picasa web. after downloading Picasa you need to select the Photo  then click on Upload button and choose contribute to friend .you have to type the name of your friend and then album of your friend is display by the Picasa where you can save picture.