Sony VAIO TZ – Ultraportable Laptops, A New Invention For The New Generation

The Sony VAIO TZ Ultraportable Laptop is a marvelous invention which is creating uproar in the world of ultra-portable laptops. This particular Notebook has some of the best features as compared to its ultra-portable Laptop counterparts. I have never thought that Notebook Sony VAIO TZ would have some excellent features but I realized that it is worth a thing to posses. Especially this ultra-portable Laptop is effective equipment for true executives for it has various features to assist them with their daily activities.


One of the most striking features that attract me to an Ultraportable Notebook Sony VAIO TZ is that it is equipped with instant mode and I can watch DVD’s, view pictures or listen to music without booting up the system or without any difficulties. It is also well equipped with the latest Intel Core 2 Duo processor, 1.06GHz (U7500) or 1.2GHz (U7600) and with 1GB or 2GB of RAM. As compared with other Notebooks it is much lighter but its performance is much better than the rest. It can run for long hours and it still remains cool. The Light weight Sony VAIO TZ has a guaranty period of 1 year.

When taking into account from its unique design to excellent performance everything is fine but I have found a disadvantage regarding the battery back up. It is much lighter and smaller in size than the other Laptops and therefore the battery back up should be much longer than the other Laptops but it only last just as the other Laptops do. But still this wonderful Notebook is one of the best ultra-portable Laptops available in the market. Especially it is quite effective and most relevant for a businessman because Notebook Sony VAIO TZ has all the essential features required for business activities. The Light weight Sony VAIO TZ has been gaining lot of popularity for its high quality performance and reasonable price.

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  1. I would think more than twice before dishing out your money for this laptop. Don’t let the good looks fool you, it’s very fragile and several people have reported physical damage just from regular handling. Anyways, I’ve had mine less than two years, I have used it very sparingly and haven’t let my children even touch it. I switch it on one day and it doesn’t work (no signal from the hard drive). I check the Sony website and it seems there is a recall on the TZ models, so I proudly take it into their authorized service center. They keep it for less than a day and without even checking it they say that this does not fall under the recall and they want 50 dollars just to check it. I don’t like this so I take it elsewhere and they tell me it’s a motherboard issue that will cost in excess of 450 dollars to fix. Advice: Sony should stay away from the laptop business. I’m getting a Mac

  2. My first VAIO T was the first TR which I had it for less than two years before I moved on to TR3 — best notebooks I had by far. I liked my TR3 so much I skipped the TX series then came the TZ series. I liked the style and I needed to upgrade my notebook so I went ahead and bought it two years ago. The TX gave me nothing but trouble from the beginning. It makes an annoying noise when it starts up and it gets real hot to the point where the notebook itself gets bent — the person above mentioned about a recall and that’s what it was. They sent me a box with paid postage but still, it’s very inconvenient. And after about a year, a crack was formed on the frame of the LCD and by another month, a second crack on the frame and there goes the LCD. When I examined it, it had loose screws that holds the frame and the notebook itself — it really was a bad design. Now I just have it connected to my 58″ Sony LCD with wireless keyboard and mouse to check emails while watching TV. Since then, I’ve been using a Mac but I miss VAIO and I’m looking into one of their Signature Collection Z series.

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