Mobile phone ring tones- a style statement or plain necessity

January 11, 2010 – 2:27 pm | by Steve

Mobile phone ring tones are either said to be a style statement or a plain necessity. There are two opinions in this regard. There are many such things hat are said to have multi purposes. They are being used in the manner, the user wants to use. It totally totally depends upon the usage and the choice of the user. Same is the case with the mobile phone ring tones. These ring tones are very popular as a very attractive feature of the entertainment tools that a mobile phone carries. Some like to experiment with this very feature and some like to use it just as a mere function of a cell phone. For some folks, ring tones are one way to depict one’s statement of style and some use it as plain necessity.


Those folks who want to use mobile phone ring tones are usually the ones who are not that crazy for these gadgets; mobile phones. For them, these mobile phones are just a medium of communication through which they can remain in touch with their family and friends. For such folks, the ring tone is just a ringing tone that makes them alert when they are going to receive a call. There is nothing more that they can think about these ring tones. A vast majority of such folks use the ring tones which come in the mobile phone sets. They do not run after other means to get other ring tones like their favorite songs or musical arrangements. For them, mobile ring tones are just a plain necessity.

Then, there are those folks who are absolutely crazy when it comes to set a ring tone for their mobile phone sets. For such people, ring tones being set on their cell phones are one way through which they can let the other people know their statement of style. Yes, it is considered very fashionable and something very contemporary if you set a very unique ring tone for your mobile phone. It can be a Turkish song, an English number or a very famous musical arrangement that can be set as the ring tone of the mobile phone. For those, who are in the habit of pampering their cell phones get the latest ring tones for their sets. According to them, it enhances the attraction of their cell phones.

So, it can be concluded that mobile phone ring tones can be used both ways, as a plain necessity and as a means of stating one’s style. It totally depends upon the preference and choice of the user as how he or she wants to use the ring tone.

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  2. By Jack @ ringtone downloads on Feb 1, 2010 | Reply

    What you said doesn’t make sense. How are people not interested in phones if they go out of their way to hunt down free ring tones and sift through all the ads to get to them?

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