HP Compaq nx7300 Laptop Review

Hp Compaq nx7300 is a latest model in the Hp nx series. This notebook does not provide something special in its features; it’s not a special purposes notebook at all.

The Hp Compaq nx7300 is basically designed to provide some good feature to the users having a low budget. The main targets of the Hp Compaq nx7300 are the students and the middle level business people having a limited budget to buy a laptop.

A typical notebook of this model comes with Intel Core 2 Duo T5500 1.66 Ghz, but the notebook is available in too many options for the configuration of performance, one can choose any processor from core2duo t72 to Celeron.


With the 2 GB DDR2 physical memory having FSB of 633 the notebook has the capacity to have up to 4GB of RAM. A Toshiba Hard drive of RPM 5400 and with the storing capacity of 120 GB the Hp Compaq nx7300 comes with the pre installed Microsoft Windows XP Home edition.

The display of this notebook is 15.4” can have resolution of 1280×800. An Intel GMA 950 graphical card is there to provide good quality of graphics, though the graphics are not that good for gaming and HD videos. A multi format DVD Burner is available in the laptop that helps in storing and fetching of any sort of data easily.

A number of connectivity options are available in the notebook to connect the users to the internet like the Wifi. Using the Intel’s 3945 Pro the notebook connects you to the internet. Ethernet and modem are also there to provide you with the connectivity. There is also an additional connectivity option of bluetooth in the Laptop. It’s 2.5 Kg in wait and is available at a price range of 1100 USD thus making it affordable for student and business people.

According to the features and price comparison HP Compaq nx7300 is a good option if you want more features in limited budget.

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  1. Is HP notebooks a suitable brand of computers? My brother a new laptop in a nearest future and I wonder if HP a good enough laptop. Who can tell me it last for yers and have decent battery. I’m not sure, maybe I want a Sony however it is very expensive. So i was shopping around if HP laptops are good notebooks.

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