How to insert Adsense Codes into WordPress using Adsense Deluxe Plugin

WordPress is one of the fast growing blogging platforms; WordPress blog is extensively being used across the globe being built-in superb CMS content management system. To write, publish and get traffic on the WordPress blog is easier than those of other blogging portals.

However, WordPress does not give a free hand to its users in placing Ads or to integrating the WordPress blog directly with Google Adsense. Many people are not comfortable with it and seek to find out a way for placing ads and earning something out of money. It is certain that most of the people wish to earn from their blogs, which is not a bad idea since every second blogger is doing the same and earning dollars. But why WordPress has deprived its blogger from this facility and why the blogger of this platform cannot directly integrate blogs with Adsense code; the matter of Adsense on WordPress is always a question.


For those who really want to earn money online from Adsense there are few short-cuts of placing the adsense code on the WordPress and these short-cuts are known as Adsense Plug-ins. Everyone can get an easy access to these WordPress plug-ins being their massive availability both on the market and internet.

Adsense Delux is the most popular plug in these days, which may fulfill your needs of integrating your WordPress with the codes of Google Adsense.

Here are some simple and step by step instructions for inserting the Adsense code by mean of Adsense Delux. It works wonderfully when you wish to see a blended effect of Google ads with your lengthy blog posts.

To start-off you need to copy the original file of adsense deluxe into wp-content/plugins. After this step you must open up wp-contents out of file manager (check your hosting account to look our for file manager, you will find it there) and go straight to the plugin folder of your account and place the /wp-content/plugins/ (yes in the same directory where you have copied the file of Adsense Delux). The next step is to activate the plugin, for this go to your wp-admin (WordPress admin), log in it and get on to admin panel> click plugin folder> you will be able to see your Adsense Delux there, just click it and activate it from the folder.

The next step is creating Adsense block, just go to the options and click setting tab of Adsense Delux. Now create your Adsense block by pasting your Adsense code into it and add this Adsense Block.

Lastly, you need to place this block in the post by pressing code button from the options, it is must to switch off the visual mode before to place the Adsense block. Try to place the block at an appropriate place of the post. As a result, ads will start appearing on the post, when you click the publish tab after having done with writing post and placing Adsense block.

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