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January 20, 2010 – 1:05 pm | by Sonja Romnus

Sony Vaio NPR 300 Series Users

So, you just unplugged your IPod Touch and there you have it! Your screen goes black a weird message in some font you remember from the days of TI Speak & Spell appears on the screen. You immediately panic but also think that by restarting your computer it will “reset” the screen? Wrong! You just blew it. “Just come back up” you chant to yourself over and over and then your inner Einstein kicks in. “I’ll just start up in Safe Mode.” Minutes turned hours later and no access to a safe zone.

No way to access support via laptop, or to grab your important files and go you are still trying to figure out if there is a way that you can just retrieve it because the computer brain will miraculously fall victim to your devilish F2, F8 or ESC trickery. Nope…still not working!

Let’s not dwell on the hours and tears past, let’s do something about it if we can in the present and definitely for the future. Sony VAIO users upon purchase aren’t provided a Recovery Disk so let the real Trouble Shooting begin!


Step 1

Did you burn a copy of the Systems Recovery to DVD? Did you create a Backup Disk in order to recover software and other vital documents?

Yes, then that’s great! Access Sony Tech Support via their Online Chat window or proceed to Step 2 below. If you answered No, then that’s too bad! You will be charged $18.95 to purchase a set of DVDs that will take approximately 5-7 days or more depending where you are located! Do not proceed to Step 2 as your journey ends here my friend for you cannot access the System Recovery or boot in Safe Mode to get anything done until you get your hands on that DVD!

Step 2

Restart your Notebook with DVD in drive and follow the instructions Sony support gives you.

You’ll find that this is the simplest of Do-It-Yourself System Recovery, “Eject your IPod correctly or you’ll pay the price!”


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