Internet Explorer IE 9 won’t run on Windows XP

March 19, 2010 – 3:17 pm | by Steve

Microsoft New Internet Explorer 9 is in the initial stage of development and testing. Internet Explorer 9 demo version in the start is just available to analyze the features given by Microsoft in its new web browser that is Internet Explorer 9.


Internet Explorer 9 is of its own type, incorporated with the high tech technology and features that user is able to play and listen music, play games and watch movies on just one click. It means that Internet Explorer 9 support to run all these softwares with out installing the required plug and play software.

Internet Explorer 9 demo version will not run on Microsoft Windows XP. After one year, no one knows whether final release will be able to run on the Microsoft Windows XP.  This news really surprises the users of the Windows XP. Users of the windows XP are asking lots of the questions about Internet Explorer 9 will incorporate windows XP in future. No satisfy answer has been given from the Microsoft about Internet Explorer 9 issue regarding whether Internet Explorer 9 will run on Windows XP.  Microsoft has announced ambiguity statement that Internet Explorer 9 will run on modern Operating systems or Windows. It is also decreasing the importance level and Usage of Microsoft Windows XP in comparison with Windows 7.

Microsoft really put Windows XP users on waiting state, which really creates curiosity and anger in the Windows XP Users.  It will also decrease the usage graph of new upcoming Microsoft Internet Explorer 9.


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