iPad Media Content Deals Not On The Right Track

March 22, 2010 – 7:52 pm | by Steve

Apple is a very well-known and successful company for running a vast business of digital iPhone, digital books, eBooks, notebooks and computers. When we look at its successful technologies, we should also consider its upcoming devices and their shortcomings. iPad launch is just one step away and all media content material related to iPad product is ready to be published.


Apple media and advertisement plan is final and ready to be launched by them. Through iPad , company is offering unlimited viewing of television shows to its users on easily single one time user’s subscription fee. But most of the television networks are not happy and disagreed with this way of charging fee from the users. This seems to be hardly possible.  Most of the TV channels or media companies are not interested because Apple has given them very low rates for advertisement of Apple media contents and also for the TV shows as well.

iPad is going to be launched next month and the clients of Apple are eagerly waiting for this latest invention of Apple. But the truth is that Apple has got a great demand for this device and it has already sold thousands of units. And there is a rough estimate that iPad has become more sold than compare to Apple’s previous device; iPhone when it was launched.

Apple is facing issues in launching their media contents online and advertising according to their marketing plan. Companies, which were agreed with Apple to launch their media contents as they wanted, were confused in term of revenue they earn from Apple.  This issue put Apple on step one and again Apple negotiate with TV Companies about viewing of TV shows through iPad device. Apple is also looking forward to get magazines, newspapers and publishers to present their material digitally.

Before the official launch of iPad it is clearly seen that Apple will not get the adequate cooperation of all TV networks companies and media industries. Thus it seems to be impossible that Apple will be able to launch this idea of offering free subscriptions to view unlimited TV shows to its clients of iPad. That is why Apple has changed its idea of offering unlimited facility to see television shows on single subscription fee.


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