Palm can revive ‘iPad Killer’ Web OS Tablet

March 23, 2010 – 8:15 pm | by Steve

Palm trend is obsolete and going to be decreasing day by day in the mobile technology. It is forecasted by the computer experts and analysts that market trend for the useage of Palm in future will be no more by the users. In above given scenario, Palm has to redesign and launch its product in a new way in the mobile market.


Palm web operating system is more high tech and superior, if we compare it with iPhone’s technology. Palm had ruled the mobile market for an Era in term of PDA’s devices. Palm web operating system is so powerful that it supports multitasking feature as compare to the iPhone’s technology. Demand for the multitasking feature is so high that every user of the mobile device wants it in its phone technology. However, according to the mobile market trend, as every phone technology is focusing on multitasking feature, Palm has to redesign its product and launch it with multitasking feature, which is the pivotal requirement of today mobile market users. Palm operating system platform is so high tech then iPhone technology that it has the capability of supporting multitasking so superiorly as compare to it.

In view of above, according to the market trend and demand Palm has just to create a new product for its customers that has been embed with multitasking feature and should work like tablet. In this way, they will get the market demand and trend for the product again in the mobile market.


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