Opera submits browser for iPhone approval

March 24, 2010 – 11:58 pm | by Steve

Opera is one of the best renowned Web Browser Company in the market has created a Mini Smart Web Browser for iPhone. Opera has submitted their Web browser for iPhone to the Apple for further analysis and action at their end. But Apple has denied about it. Opera has submitted their mini web browser for the Apple device. According to the opera the web browser will be very high speed, surfing and it will open Html pages in no speed as compare to the existing web browser.


Opera Mini web Browser has been successfully running on different mobile operating systems. It includes Black Berry, Symbian, Windows mobile and lots of other mobile technologies.  Opera had been promoting, it’s newly stylish web browser with all enhanced features on its web site.

According to the Apple about the Opera Mini Web Browser, the existing Web Browser Safari full fills all the requirement of the iPhone technology. They can give the downloading option for the users, who want to use Opera Mini Web Browser. Because safari web browser is good in using of complicated web applications as compare to Mini web browser.  Opera Mini is just good for opening of web pages. As far as Opera Mini is concern, it is running on all mobile phones operating systems very successfully. Let’s see what will happens about the Opera Mini Browser and Apple’s iPhone.


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