iPad OS 3.2 GM (Gold Master) built 7B367 Available for Download

March 31, 2010 – 1:20 am | by Steve

Apple iPad has introduced and launched an iPad OS 3.2(Global Master) built in the market still yet to launch their brand new stylish iPad in the market. iPad GM firmware  has been available on web for download and easily be downloaded from Apple Web Site. It‘s Apple marketing strategy to launch iPad firmware release when the launch of new Apple iPad device in the market.


Apple iPhone OS SDK 3.2 GM (Gold Master) has been introduced and forwarded to the iPad developers as they have to create all iPad apps using this Apple iPad built. Apple iPad release version is as original to the iPad shipping OS. IPhone developers need shipping version for the purpose of testing and development for iPad apps. Link of the Apple iPhone is live for the users but iPad device is still to be launched for the users.

Apple has also released the documentation manual for iPad OS 3.2, which includes the end –user licensing agreement for the iPad Softwares.  It includes the information of the iPad OS Upgrade given by Apple for the users. However, introducing iPad OS 3.2 GM (Gold Master) built for the developers  before launching the iPad device in the market in order to analyze the firmware before launch


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