Nokia N8 Cell Phone Review | Nokia N 8 Tech Detail

March 31, 2010 – 6:06 pm | by Talal

Nokia recently announced their first ever 12 mega pixel camera cell phone, Nokia N8. Now considering Nokia phones, we all know that Nokia does not ever compromise on technology, and this time, they’ve proved they can do it better.

Nokia added another cell phone to the ‘power phone’ line up, Nokia N8. Not only the new Nokia N8 is in limelight because of the 12 mega pixel camera, but also because it will run on Symbian^3 OS. And looking at the specs of Nokia N8, we see that the phone has a wide 4 inch touch screen and would have 32 GB of internal memory.

Here, one might be thinking if Nokia N8 is the ‘ultimate’ cell phone. But there is more to think about. The new Nokia N8 will also be equipped with stereo speakers along with GPRS, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth support. Nokia N8 will be supported by a 1 GHz processor for multi tasking and smooth operations.

For now, there is no conformation by Nokia on the release date or the price tag that the new Nokia N8 will carry.


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