Integrate Adobe Flash into Google Chrome Browser

Google is developing new working relationships with Adobe, in spite of the fact that Apple and Adobe has very old history of working relation together. Google has launched Adobe Flash player with chrome web browser. Also Google has introduced with their latest Google Chrome operating system for the users.


Independent installation of the Adobe Flash Player had been finished, when the users installed chrome browser. Once the users download google chrome web browser, latest version of the Adobe Flash Player will automatically installed with chrome browser. Users have not to install updated manually, when there will be any update related to the Adobe Flash Player it will automatically updated due to the auto update procedure embedded in the Google chrome web browser. Adobe Flash Player is also be the part of the Google chrome operating system, which will improves the functionality and working of the web base google chrome operating system. Google and Adobe have yet to make an official agreement between them about incorporating installation and auto update features of Adobe Flash Player in google chrome and chrome operating system.  In very near future, official announcement from Google will be announced.

Through introducing and embedding the Adobe Flash Player feature in the chrome browser will enhanced its working and also increase its popularity among the users.

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