Net book Sales Reduces as the iPad Arrives

April 2, 2010 – 7:45 pm | by Steve

Apple- iPad decreases the demand of the net book or mini laptops in the computer market.  Manufacturing Companies who are making mini laptops and net books are starting to worry as demand and sales graph of theirs product start decreasing as they are not expecting it.  That is only because of magical and revolutionary invention of Apple iPad smart phone.


Net book and Mini laptops manufactures are very worried about the fact as not only demand; sale of their products is also decreasing day by day. As sales of the note books decreases, companies who are making the net books and mini laptops accessories start reducing their production.  Company that is  making the touch screen for the mini laptops, stop making further touch screens as due to less sales and demand. The companies, who are manufacturing mini laptops processors like atom, also reduce their production as its demand is decreases too.

However, presently net books and mini laptops manufacturers are know foreseeing, what technology they have to introduce in the market to capture the clients attention for their products.<


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