Apple iPad Flickr announces HTML5 Video Player for iPad

Apple iPad tablet is launching on coming Saturday by Apple. Millions of peoples who are Apple users are waiting for such revolutionary iPad device to be available to them.  iPad is embedded with lots of heart touching features and Apple apps for the users. That’s why; Apple iPad has high demand globally.  Flickr has made correct decision of introducing HTML5 video player for the Apple users, who will use the upcoming Apple iPad tablet. At the moment Flickr is using Flash but it is not supported by the Apple iPad device, therefore Flickr is using HTML5 as their new standard. Apple iPad support HTML5 format.


Through Flickr website one can see videos and photos on the stylish iPad touch screen by using HTML5 player in HD Quality. Flickr has shown intelligent work by embedding HTML5 player, if any Apple users go on the Flickr website using iPad, he or she can watch videos and photos on the iPad large LED with high resolution quality by just clicking on them. It’s all due to embedded HTML 5 player in Flickr Website for iPad tablet users. Through this feature, Apple users really enjoy watching videos with iPad tablet

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