Google Maps 4.0 for BlackBerry

April 9, 2010 – 7:46 am | by Steve

Now a day, in the phone technology Google Maps application becomes most essential feature of the phone technology and is now improving day by day. Google is launching few new latest updates for maps Google for BlackBerry. Updates include Voice Search and Google also embed Google Buzz feature with Google Maps apps. Through Google Buzz feature users can view the posts and can give its own comments on the post is embedded in the new Google Maps for BlackBerry.


Voice search feature for Google Maps application is integrated with Android base applications and Voice search functionality of Google Maps 4.0 for Blackberry is working on RIM handsets. Voice search facility embedded in Google Maps 4.0 supports multiple accents of English and Mandarin Chinese. Web history synchronization feature is also introduced with Google Maps 4.0 for BlackBerry. Through synchronization feature previous search will appear as suggestions to the users. For example , if some one already searched for some location and when user write the first letter all related search words will appear in the search as suggestions. Through Google Maps 4.0 for BlackBerry phone, it provides near by business areas, hospitals, scale bar and terrain layer features to the users.


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