Apple iPad 2G to adopt OLED Screen

News is every where that Apple is introducing OLED technology in their up coming next generation Apple iPad 2G. Apple will replace its existing display technology and use an OLED display in upcoming 2G Apple mobile.  Apple has not yet mentions this upgrade of existing IPS screen with OLED screen. It will be significant change in the next coming iPad according to the Digitimes.


In the start of this year, before launching Apple keynote, Apple announced that Apple had controlled the market on OLED Displays. As OLED displays are very expensive to produce but Apple managed to control their prices as Apple required from them. People think that Apple will incorporate OLED Display in their iPad but it turns wrong in the reality. Now, it seems to be real if Apple is able to control the OLED Display market with their orders and able to lower down the prices up to their feasibility level. If Apple is able to incorporate OLED Screen in coming iPad 2G model of the Apple. It will improve the resolution of the screen. If it happens, then this will be a revolutionary change in the field of Apple iPad.

Apple is using same development techniques and design concept for the second generation iPad as already used for iPhone 4G. Apple is trying to use OLED Panels but they are very expensive. According to the source, OLED panel prices will be drop down and if Apple is able to this for iPad. Then it will be an extra ordinary achievement of the Apple Corporation. However, OLED technology is very expensive but more efficient and effective then LCD technology. OLED Screens are thinner and lighter than traditional screens. The only issue is the cost for Apple to Adopt for next generation coming iPad. Currently LCD Panel and OLED Panel price Gap is so significant that its very difficult to narrow done the price Gap in near further.

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