Microsoft revenue sales shoot up through Windows 7

Windows 7 pushed Microsoft to shoot up the sales to record 14.5 billion dollars in the end of third quarter.  4 billion dollar net income has been earned by the Microsoft with rise 35 per cent as compared to the same quarter a year ago. According to the Microsoft officials it increases the 6 percent revenue as compare to last year.  Microsoft Windows 7 revenue increases up to 28 % of sales of Microsoft Software Company as compare to earlier quarter this year, it also due to high increasing demand for Windows 7.


Windows 7 becomes the first Microsoft Operating system to be sold the most from rest of operating system introduced and launched by MicrosoftBing search, Xbox Live are also other products of Microsoft in which Software Company saw strong growth.

Over all 10 % of all PCs are running on New Operating System Windows 7 OS. This makes Microsoft 7 the successful and quickest selling Operating System of Microsoft. It erases the bad history of Microsoft Vista created with companies and individuals due to incompatibility and performance problem.