Verizon backs out of Google deal

April 28, 2010 – 12:14 pm | by omer

U.S largest mobile phone company Verizon Wireless backs out from planning to offer the services for the Google’s Nexus One phone. The mobile company will focus on the other handset that runs on Android O.S.  Google has published the Nexus One will be available to the users through Verizon mobile phone company in the end of spring this year 2010. The site now points Verizon users seeking phones that run Google’s Android operating system to HTC Corp.’s incredible model.


Verizon retreated from Google deal really give great loss to Google. Google will lose 90 million customers access with out Verizon. It declined the Google’s Nexus One phone competition with Apple’s iPhone and also declines the phone from widespread popularity.

It indicates Google that Verizon mobile phone company take Google as a competitor rather than a partner on Nexus One sales, according to the one of the analyst Colin Gillis at BGC Partners in New York.


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