Opera betas 10.5 for Linux and FreeBSD

May 5, 2010 – 7:41 pm | by omer

Opera has introduced new opera browser release beta 10.53 for Linux and FreeBSD UNIX base free operating system.  Opera browser beta release 10.5 is one that you can download and test the browser with yours Linux and Free BSD Systems. 10.53 beta version of opera browser is embedded with new opera’s Carakan JavaScript engine.  Its speed is about two and a half times faster than the ECMASCRIPT engine used in Opera 10 Alpha. According to opera, 10.53 opera browser is the fastest web browser on the earth.


Evenes offers Vega graphic engine with HTML5 Video support through free and open ogg theora codec available in opera new beta version.  Opera browser has stopped depending upon the TROtech’s QT toolkit, the same toolkit used by KDE after releasing the new Opera betas 10.53 for Linux and FreeBSD.

New beta release of Opera browser runs more smoothly with GTK based environments such as Gnome. End user license agreement has been changed by Opera in order to smoothly distribute opera browser with open source operating system. Opera has dropped the idea for Solaris support in order to ensure to provide high quality browser to opera most popular desktop platforms.  With this approach, opera will be able to give time to their Unix Developers to put their best to work on their Linux and FreeBSD operating platform to release final version for Opera browser.


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