BlackBerry to launch tablet BlackPad

RIM has decided to design and develop a device that’s works like tablet, having the features and design like Apple iPad tablet. After the unbelievable success of the iPad in the market, RIM decided to bring out their future device a BlackBerry Tablet device in the competition of Apple iPad tablet device.

RIM under development t tablet comes with a couple of attractive name as “BlackPad”, or “Cobalt”.  It will be thinner and smaller than the Apple iPad tablet. BlackPad will run on the Blackberry Operating System with full functionality and certain modifications will be made by RIM in order to get benefits from its all exclusive features.

No official statement has been given by the Canadian corporation handset makers, well known for the BlackBerry handsets. Rumors are there that tablet will be equipped with 8.9 inch touch screen with lots of functionalities like iPad. Blackberry makers are planning to launch their tablet BlackPad in coming next year.  As blackberry tablet is the trend followers, then such a delay might cause some failure in the success of BlackPad in the market. No Official image has been leaked out yet but image placed below just shows that how the device will look.