Nokia sues Apple over patent infringement related to iPad

Nokia phones has taken legal notice against Apple Corporation during this week on patent infringement issue related to the Apple iPad 3G tablet.  It is not the first time; Nokia has already files legal complaints against Apple about the patent issue over smart phone market share.  The latest lawsuit filed by Nokia Company has affected the Apple market shares to the lowest this year. It reduces upto 4.2 percent. Nokia is serious about the use of Nokia applications by Apple Corporation and they want to stop it.

Nokia has taken this step in order to protect their exclusive innovations, technologies, apps and development to be unlawful used by anybody else. Nokia is always the one on the top, who has developed and introduced new inventions and technologies in the Smartphone device market.

Nokia is very much concerned about their patents as they had spent more than 50 million dollars on R&D and have the patents for almost every innovation. Nokia got the exclusive right for the technologies like enhance speed and data transmission and antenna innovations for devices to make and sell in the market. Nokia New Complaint is related to the above mention patents as they are different from the previous suit filed by Nokia phones.