Apple to issue iPad fix

Revolutionary Apple iPad tablet faces the Wi-Fi connectivity issues from the day, it was launched. Apple iPhone will certainly release a software patch for the iPad tablet that will fix up the Wi-Fi connectivity issues of the tablet device customers. There are number of complaints regarding the week Wi-Fi signals also about the dropped connections, and there are also certain reports about the Apple tablet sometimes did not reconnect automatically to the authorized Network.

According to the Apple iPhone only few users of iPad tablet are affected with the Wi-Fi problem but still Apple will bring in an update that will resolve the Wi-Fi issue of the iPad Customers.  Apple has not yet announced any arrival date of the update release. This is not surprising for the Apple users as Apple never warn their users about the upcoming updates, simply adds them in the update mechanism. In order to receive the iPad tablet update, users have to connect with Mac or Windows computers running iTunes.

Supporting article has been updated by the Apple iPad in the meantime, in which Apple has suggested their tablet users, who are facing iPad Wi-Fi issues to update the software on their router, modify router settings, switch to WPA encryption and get a new wireless router. Hopefully the update release will fix up the Wi-Fi connectivity issue but there is some issue with the iPad hardware as replacing the router or renewing of the IP Addresses is not the solution to it.<