Google Maps Update on Android app adds biking direction, sharing

Mobile phone users who have the curiosity to locate their location, locate different routes of the cities, find out the different directions and approaches coming towards their location, calculate the distance between the source to destination and lots of more features, users utilizes the Google application  know as Google Maps.

Google has update the Google Maps mobile applications for Google Android phone users, enhanced the users with further more new features in it.  Google has introduced new navigation shortcuts along with biking directions on the great demand for the US Google Maps users. Google has also provided the bike trail data to the bikers so they can customize their biking route as well as they can create route that avoid hills. Google Maps has marked biker’s routes in different colors, which indicates different options like dedicated Bikers route, Lane or further more options.

Another remarkable update that is available in the latest version, which allows the users to share their locations with their friends. Users can sent their locations through using social networking applications like Facebook, Twitter, Google Buzz, email and also through text messages. One more feature, which allow the users to create shortcuts on the Google Android phone screen for easy access.

Update Android apps Google Maps mobile v4.2 with enhance improvement is free available for download on the Android Market.


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