Google Nexus One vs. Apple iPhone 3GS

May 13, 2010 – 8:43 pm | by omer

The two most well know smart phones in the mobile phone market is Google Nexus One and on the other one is the latest magical Apple iPhone 3GS. These two most demanded mobile devices are embedded with the latest technology along with the support of attractive features. Google Nexus one is based on Android OS technology developed by HTC. Comparison of the features between these two most popular smart mobile phones, Apple iPhone 3GS and Google Android Phone Nexus One features, are given below for the information of the Smart phone users.

Display Screen
If you compare the screens, Nexus one screen is 3.7 inches as compare to iPhone 3Gs smart phone that is 3.5 inches screen. Therefore Google Android phone has larger screen as compare to 3GS Apple iPhone. Apple iPhone has 320 x 480 of resolution against the Nexus one that has a resolution of 480 x 800.
If we talk about the memory for data storage Nexus One supports 32 GB with microSD slot where as Apple iPhone comes with less memory without microSD Slot support.
Nexus phone has 1GHZ processor as compare to 600 MHZ processor of Apple iPhone device.
In term of camera comparison, Apple iPhone comes with 3.15 megapixels with autofocus capacity as compare to Nexus One 5 Megapixel camera embedded with LED flash along with the feature of autofocus.
Application apps
There is no doubt in it, that Apple iPhone has larger number Apple apps available for the iPhone users that can be download from Apple store as compare to Google Android Phone Nexus One.

However, comparison between the two most famous world smartphones Apple iPhone 3GS and Google Nexus One phone is given for the information of the users. In order to facility them in making the choice in between them.


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