AOL Instant Messenger | AIM Free Download

Having a list of free online instant messenger along with IM applications, AIM or America Online Instant Messenger is one of the famous instant messengers available. America Online Instant Messenger is the only online instant messenger that uses OSCAR IM protocol along with TOC protocol.

AOL Instant Messenger was first released in May 1997, the time when MSN Instant Messenger and Yahoo Instant Messenger had already entered the market. Currently, the AOL Instant Messenger is compatible with Microsoft Windows, Mac OS, Mac OS X, Linux and iPhone OS.

However, only registered users are allowed to sign in AOL instant messenger. And we must mention here that registration is free of cost and is possible only to subject of user name availabilty. Not only this, the latest AIM version allows you to send IM to your Facebook contacts as well.

You can now download AOL instant messenger directly from AIM’s official website or by clicking here.

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