Microsoft, Apple working to fix Hotmail for the iPad

Microsoft the largest software manufacturing company has announced that they knew that the users of Apple iPad has been facing issues while using the Hotmail mobile services running on the magical  revolutionary Apple device iPad tablet.  Apple phones and Microsoft both are working together to find out the issues and problems facing by the iPad users and they are trying to fix the problem. Apple iPad Users are complaining Microsoft about the full version of Microsoft’s Hotmail causing their iPad to halt.  Users are facing problems while working on Hotmail web services as it causes the safari web browser to freeze and disable the tablet users to compose a new mail or reply to the received mail.

On the other hand, Microsoft replied to the issue forwarded by iPad Users that:
“It is very unfortunately, that there are certain issues facing by the users while using Hotmail version on the iPad tablet. Mostly Microsoft email is not working while composing and replying to an email. Microsoft and Apple are working together in order to fix this issue as soon as possible.  During this period, Microsoft has directed all iPad traffic to their mobile hotmail website.  On the further side, one can fix the email client setting to POP option in order to download mails.”

Hotmail major update is expected to be announced by end of this week.

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