Apple Releases iPhone OS 4 Beta 4 | iPhone OS 4.0 SDK Beta 4 available for download

May 19, 2010 – 2:16 pm | by omer

Apple had introduced a new version of Mac OS X 10.6.4 earlier this week  and in the mean time Apple iPhone has released iPhone OS 4 beta 4 Edition along with related Software development Kit.   Beta 4 is the testing version for the Developers to go through the iPhone OS 4 Beta 4 release in order to see the updates and identify the bug’s needed to be fixed by Apple Corporation. Beta 4 is available to the registered developers and can be download through iPhone Dev Center.  Apple iPhone beta 4 releases includes enhancement in the Operating system along with the modifications in the developer tools as compare to the earlier release in April.

Apple will launch its official release Apple OS 4 in this summer for the users of iPhone and iPod touch.  However, earlier launched models of these devices are not compatible with the OS 4 and even some latest models will not be able to get benefit from all the features.  Apple will also introduce iPhone OS 4 for iPad mobile device in the end of this year.


Apple iPhone has not yet documented any changes in the beta 4 version except the new wallpaper options. Registered developers who have the access to this release are certainly digging for information. The arrival of Apple iPhone OS 4 Beta 4 release is expected as previously Apple take two weeks time for introducing releases of its iPhone development tools and same in this case of releasing Beta 4 development version for Apple iPhone OS4.


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