Apple iPhone OS 4.0 to finally allow tethering

Apple iPhone has introduced internet tethering feature for the iPhone mobiles after a very long time. latest Apple iPhone OS 4.0 beta has built in new  configuration page for setting internet tethering  through Phone according to the Mac Rumors.

Apple iPhone internet tethering feature is not available to the users,for activating  the service , user  has to call AT&T to setup the service.AT&T will charge extra for tethering service. The latest version of the Apple iPhone OS 4.0 will support the tethering feature for iPhone.  Therefore, tethering feature will work with Apple iPhone 3Gs.

Apple iPhone OS 4.0 has certain features that only work on new iPhone 3Gs and still testing version is available as official release yet to be launched. Therefore, tethering service not yet installed and functional but there will be limitations to the number of iPhone that can actually use tethering service.  AT&T network provider will offer this service in iPhone for US market.

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