Spam Motel Temporary Email Service

There are several email services available online ready to be disposed off after a some time period. Among the best we have Spam Motel free temporary email online service.

The concept of temporary email service is becoming popular day by day as its free and most of all its secure as well as instant. Temporary email adresses allow spam to filter and give an escape from virus filled emails and worms. Spam Motel temporary email box requires no signup or any sort of registration and connects within no time.

However, there is flaw which has been identified by users of Spam Motel Temporary email that unlike other temporary email services, it does not provide with the auto expirey option. It only allows users to have random email addresses. This does not mean that users can not choose an account of their own.

In all, Spam Motel temporary email service is a good online service to have disposable email addresses which you may discard when ever you want it to.

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