Google has introduced URL shortener on experimental basis

It is a fact that people were facing trouble in pasting the long Google Maps URLs linking to a Google Map on an email, IM, blog posts, and twitter( since Twitter does not allow its users pasting a link with more than 160 characters, for this reason a URL should be exactly or less than of 160 word characters). Basically, all Google Maps URLs are too long to paste anywhere because these links also involved many coordinate involved. Upon knowing this problem Google has finally introduced new Google URLs shortener to the Google Maps Labs Section, on experimental basis though.

In order to start using Google URLs shortener feature on Google Maps, all you need to do is to get on to the Google Maps Labs pages by clicking on the green tab) located on the upper right corner of the page), click it and get your Google Maps URLs shorter enabled by clicking on the Short URL option, after doing so you will be able to let the Google URLs shortener on a go. Do not forget to refresh the page once you are done with short URL option.

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