Technology Must-Haves for College Students

As the upcoming school year draws near, a college student is faced with not only a new batch of lessons to stash in their think tanks. A handful of gizmos also come as welcome conveniences in making the entire scholastic ordeal a lot more tolerable.  Technology, after all, makes things easy, as it spikes up one’s learning curve.  So, without further ado, here are some of the most ideal toys for college girls and boys.

Dell Adamo

This baby comes with a 13-inch monitor and is as light as a feather, instantly resolving the weight dilemma when lugging around such a sensitive contraption as a laptop.  Now, jotting down notes is as quick as preparing Twitter status messages.

In addition, the Adamo’s PC interface is more adept to the curricula of most colleges.  Installing essential software, such as the Adobe Photoshop 3.0 or MS One Note comes as a breeze.

Digital Textbook

Purchasing textbooks term after term can take its toll on a student’s expenses.  The digital textbook comes as a long term solution, as long as it is fairly cheap.  Gadgets like the iPad (installed with a textbook search program for eBooks) and advanced mobile phones allow you to read up on the textbooks that you need over the internet.

Macbook Air

The PC format may be a standard for college subjects, but the Mac’s user-friendly interface evens out the playing field.  Like the Dell Adamo, the Macbook Air is lightweight.  You can lug it around from classroom to coffee shop without breaking a sweat.