The iPhone 4 Antenna Dilemma

July 16, 2010 – 2:28 pm | by Steve

Apple, known for getting ahead of the competition when it comes to developing gadgetry, faces a hump as it attempts to address the iPhone 4’s antenna problem.  A lot of users complain about the gadget having low signal strength in spite of being in open areas.  Not only that, the phone is known to have choppy reception, drop calls and provide limited internet access.

Recently, Apple has launched a software upgrade – the iOS 4.1 – which is said to address some of the iPhone 4’s bugs.  It does, as it fixes the interface’s transmission bar – keeping it consistent to actual signal levels.  Problem is it doesn’t really do anything to address the antenna dilemma.  Bad reception is still a concern for many users.

However, coming up with a solution – given Apple’s technological capabilities – shouldn’t be too much of a problem for the company.  They can surely address the situation over time with succeeding software updates.  Perhaps they will even toss a few bonuses along the way, in an attempt to soothe disgruntled customers.  The question is will they serve up a solution in time before the situation totally gets out of hand?

Only time will tell.  Better yet, how long will it take before the patience of iPhone 4 owners runs thin?


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