Nokia Kinetic Phone | Nokia Kinetic concept phone stands and delivers

July 20, 2010 – 11:23 am | by omer

Nokia Kinetic Phone has been designed with the amazing and exclusive concept by Nokia phones. Nokia Cell phones introduces the concept in the mobile market that will be really astonishing.  Nokia Kinetic comes with the stand and deliver concept, it means the Nokia Kinetic phone gradually changes it position to vertical position in order to deliver your messages and calls.

Nokia Kinetic is designed in such away that handset comes with a chunky base. Nokia phones using electromagnet method that shifts the balance of Kinetic phone, so that Nokia Kinetic phone itself can be able to gradually change its position (Rises or Lowers Itself).  Well, kinetic phone looks very comfortable when it is resting on the table, but the phone has one draw back because of its chunky base. Nokia Kinetic phone will create little embarrassment for the users, when it is placed in user’s pocket.

Nokia Kinetic Phone is designed by Jeremy Innes-Hopkins in such an awesome manner that the handset visually shows the users that phone is ringing or new message arrived by gradually stands to a vertical position.  One has to tap the kinetic phone to reject the call , if you donot want to attend it.


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