Antennagate Update: Motorola and Samsung Hit Back

Apple’s rather abrasive press conference, in which they attacked their competitors, has caused quite an uproar with other mobile phone companies.  As the old adage goes, an eye for an eye…, and in the case of Samsung and Motorola, it’s all just a matter of time before they respond, upon receiving antenna-related accusations from Apple.  This simply means that the “Antennagate Scandal” is far from over.

Samsung’s Response

Samsung carried the brunt of the mudslinging during the press con, as the Samsung Omnia – according to Apple – loses its signal if carried or clutched in a certain manner.  A Samsung spokesperson stated that the Omnia’s antenna is located on the lower left portion, keeping it away from the user’s hand, which in effect negates Apple’s claims.  The spokesperson added that Omnia isn’t known for having signal pickup problems, since they conducted comprehensive tests before it was released.

Motorola’s Response

Motorola, on the other hand, was more direct with their response.  The company’s CEO, Sanjay Jha, stated that phones differ in performance, and theirs don’t have external antennas, unlike the iPhone 4, since that stems a lot of signal reception and transmission concerns.

Upon hearing the statements of their competitors, one can’t help but think how Apple will respond.  A signal-fixing update should be in the works soon, hopefully.