Google voice app for Blackberry has been updated to version

Google has updated the Google voice application for blackberry to version 0.2.02, that was updated last in the March, upon the release of new version 0.1.7. New version  isn’t being provide with any change log, in fact only a few bug fixes is ensured, thus proving this us a maintenance one with little more improvements.  You can download new Google Voice version for Blackberry from the Google voice website using your device.

There won’t be any problem in the installation process of this app as Blackberry Storm and Storm 2 owners will soon be converting the identification of browser to either ‘ Firefox’ or ‘Internet Explorer’ from the ‘Options’ menu in order to make it downloaded for the users. However, if you find any compatibility issues after installing the application then you can check out the guide on how to disable compatibility mode. Erictric has provided no responsibility for both the damaged and bricked devices, so users will have to download this application on at their own risk.

The new update is seemingly very efficient in order to improve to the status of dialing; it has simply made the dialing process easier and faster than before. The Google Voice application has also been updated to include the new features.