Now you can play game Snake while watching YouTube videos

July 26, 2010 – 10:12 am | by Steve

Though, it’s not interesting for all that Youtube has added a new feature that allows users to play famous game “Snake” while video is paused. Or else users can play this video while waiting for their video to be buffered on their 56Kbps connection, so it means this new feature is trying to give you a game for passing your time as it’s hard to wait for your videos and sitting idle on the internet. A great opportunity of wasting your precious time!

Snake was popular game few years back when it made its presentation on handheld Nokia Phones and this game is still entertaining today’s generation. This game was discovered as new Youtube feature some last week, and seems to do no good for the waiting users; of course they don’t want to waste their time playing children’s game. That’s boring too

Maybe Youtube needs to do something in order to accelerate the pace at which their server is working now that will not only save the time of its users but also a fun for them. Youtube offers different feature and functionalities time to time as last week it introduces Yourtube and now it comes with new game feature.



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