Want to pay for Andorid App by Paypal?

August 17, 2010 – 8:21 am | by Steve

According to one report of Bloomberg, the Google is in Talk with paypal. Of course you will ask why? ;Google want that paypal enable the user to make the payment of apps in the Android market using the near-ubiquitous payment service.

Actually, currently the payments for the app in Android market are made through Google Checkout but this mean is not feasible for everyone. Because there are some users who haven’t this account and they are hesitant to make a new Google Checkout account; thereby not able to pay for Android apps. For the facilitation of these guys, Google is in talking with Paypal so that android market will open up to a small portion of PayPal’s 87 million users — in particular, those without credit cards.

If this payment method will be accepted then the users will be find it easy to make payments of android application through their saving account whereas Google  Checkout accepts only credit cards.

It is also said in Bloomberg that the revenue of Android market may be paid through paypal mean and this is a great opportunity for developers to get on-board with Android.

I can bet that you also like this new incentive as well. Am I Right?


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