Google offers free Gmail voice calls through Gmail

Google the world Search giant introduces free voice call online features through Gmail mail application. With integration of new Google Voice App in the Gmail application, put Google in the competition with the largest Voice communication and Voice conference software, that is Skype.

The new Gmail voice calling feature “Google Voice” allows the Gmail users to add the number of their friends, who are on the top of Google chat in the Google chat voice list and dial phone numbers and experience the voice conference with them. Same as one experience while using Skype for voice chat, voice call or for voice conference.

Google Gmail chat voice and video services allow the users to have audio and visual experience online, but with this new Google calling feature, users now directly dial the phone numbers.  Google calling feature enhance the Gmail feature that with integration of calling feature, one can easily find the place history and telephone detail information through Google Maps, and with Google voice feature one can easily dial the number through it.

Well, Google Voice feature enable the users to make free telephone calls for the rest of the year in America and Canada, and very low rates are set for other countries. Google make Gmail mail voice call feature very simple and easy to use. CALL PHONE icon is placed at the top of the chat list, just click the icon and start dialing number.  For having google CALL PHONE icon to appear on the chat list, users have to install Google Voice and Video Plug-in of Gmail service.

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