Google Gmail’s Priority Inbox

September 14, 2010 – 5:29 pm | by omer

Google Gmail Priority Inbox feature has been introduced by Google search Giant in the start of this month, September 2010. Gmail’s Priority Inbox feature sorts incoming mails according to your set priority into important and unimportant messages. Priority Inbox is the latest feature that set priorities to the emails according to your reading behavior with your inbox emails. Microsoft email services like Hotmail uses clutter clearing tool for this purpose that is even old feature as compare to Gmail’s Priority Inbox.

Latest Google Gmail’s Priority Inbox feature is also new even for developers, who have developed the application. Lot of new features have been noticed and found by the developers. Some of them are as follows:

Priority INBOX

Gmail Interface becomes very distracting as both Inbox are present side by side on google interface. In order to show the Priority Inbox on the interface, one has to click the Gmail “More” Option and then select the important Option. Afterwards, it will only display priority inbox on the interface.

Important messages

Gmail Priority Inbox important messages features just shows important and unread message.  It helps the users to just show the important messages that are required to be read. This feature saves time of the users to read messages you really need to by ignoring messages that are not important. This feature will only work, when you have properly  trained it.


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