How to avoid getting banned by Google

September 21, 2010 – 6:50 pm | by omer

Now a day every one is running after Google AdSense. People are using different techniques in order to earn as much as you can and lots of people are running their business through Google. One should be very much careful in using the different techniques as it will force Google to Ban your Website, and one day you will found the website isn’t showing AdSense adds anymore.

There are certain tips, that’s help you to optimize your website according to the Google’s search giant need and requirement. And if you follow these techniques, you can avoid getting banned by Google.

Spamming techniques

Never use Spamming techniques like “black hat”, hidden text or clocking methods lead your website to google ban.

Reliable web hosting

One has to use reliable Web hosting services, so your site should be available online every time. Otherwise there is the risk of Google banning your site.

Content Management

Website contents plays vital role in increasing the ranking of your site. Google also appreciate original and relevant contents.  Always write the contents related your website’s themes and totally reproduce in your own words. Don’t use tools or applications or auto generate article applications, these all spam methods will lead to the ban of your website?


One of the features that increase your website traffic and rank in Google is the Linking technique. Linking is the technique that one can get the traffic both ways. Excessive linking of the website is also harmful and leads to site ban. Secondly avoid paid linking service and apps designed for this purpose.  Have moderate internal and external linking of the site too.

Google Friendly

Your website design should be google friendly, it means that the design should be functional and working as Google wants it to behave. Proper Design indexing and site map include in the website.


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