Facebook taking over the Social Networks

October 4, 2010 – 1:15 pm | by omer

Facebook is gradually taking over the world of social networks. Facebook has introduced several new products and is working its way to become the leading social media network of today. The real question that arises in mind is that should businesses rely upon and have too much faith in all this publicity and hoopla?

Every year the online publishing, advertising and marketing community gets together at Ad Tech London to disclose the most recent trends and share their best performances and attend to the challenges that the industry today faces. This year Facebook was one of the most prominent figures at the conference only over shadowed by Google’s presence. In fact it would be fitting to say that Google was at the fore front and most important of all the groups present. Nevertheless Facebook new and innovative features is deriving the attention of several brands and companies towards it and blatantly making all attempts to steal Google’s stature in the world of online marketing and advertising.
The biggest step forward that Facebook has taken which has posed a challenge on Google and other networks is their idea which they are boldly promoting, that through its web sites companies can connect to clients and customers even when they are clueless about what they in search of.
Among the most recent achievements of Facebook is the recently launched Places in the UK through which you can constantly keep everyone updated on the places you visit, restaurants you eat in etc. another recent innovation is the Page Discovery tool which will help people find exactly what they’re looking for, musicians, celebrities or anything that interests you. This trend has drastically increased online shopping as it gives you the opportunity to discuss with friends before you shop. Undoubtedly Facebook is leaving behind other leading social networks in areas of innovation and planning, its audience has increased significantly which also means that Facebook can make from companies who advertise on Facebook their desired amount.
Google though is still the most visited site, as people like to use search engines more than social networks. You can find anything and everything on Google Search which helps you in a number of areas only a click away. Companies advertising on Facebook have to work hard to make sure that their advertisements are attractive enough to catch the customer’s eye. In experts opinion Google still steals the show and maintains the throne of the world of advertising and marketing where Facebook social network site  still has a long way to go.


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